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Top 3 Free Ways to Save Money Eating Out, Without Coupons

Save Money On Food, Without Coupons? Tell Me More!

The percentage of money spent on eating out has been growing strongly for the past 20 years. In fact, for the first time Americans are now spending more money eating out than buying food at the supermarket. The average family spends close to 5% of its budget on dining out. While CouponSurfer strongly encourages the use of restaurant coupons to save money, we feel it’s useful to show you other ways to save. And don’t worry, we are not getting soft, for each of these ways you can also combine with coupons to save even more (that’s what we do!).

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How to Save Money on Halloween Candy

Halloween CadyRather than regurgitate the usual savings advice (i.e. find items on sale and use coupons, blah, blah blah), we thought we would show you another way.

Saving Money on Halloween Candy Can Be Challenging. To start, the size of the bags of Candy are all over the map. The stores seem to take delight in selling so many different sizes of the same items at different prices that it makes it hard to compare. You’ll also find that almost all of the Halloween Candy is “on sale” but a lot of it not a good deal. So how do you save … Continue reading

Deal of the Week – Free Burger King Satisfries

Burger KingDo you love good crinkle cut french fries? Do you love free food? Well, this week we have the perfect deal for you. This weekend only, October 12-October 13, get a free value size order of new Satisfries at participating Burger King locations. Limit one per customer.

October 6th Coupon Matches for CVS

cvs dealsCombine Coupons with Sales Items to Maximize Your Savings

This week (10/6-10/12) once again has great deals at at CVS, with our Save $1 on 2 Cheerios Cereals you can get each box for just $1.38. With Halloween right around the corner, be sure to check out all the candy on sale. Continue reading