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Chrome Coupon Printing Issues: RESOLVED!

Empowering you to take back control of your savings!

User Frustrated with Coupon Printing

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There has been a lot buzz going around lately about problems and frustrations while trying to print coupons using Chrome. My hope with today’s post is to identify the main problem and provide you with some solutions for it, so you can get back to easily printing your coupons using┬áChrome.

TLDR Solution: Download the latest coupon printer: Windows | Macintosh Continue reading

How to Save Money on Halloween Candy

Halloween CadyRather than regurgitate the usual savings advice (i.e. find items on sale and use coupons, blah, blah blah), we thought we would show you another way.

Saving Money on Halloween Candy Can Be Challenging. To start, the size of the bags of Candy are all over the map. The stores seem to take delight in selling so many different sizes of the same items at different prices that it makes it hard to compare. You’ll also find that almost all of the Halloween Candy is “on sale” but a lot of it not a good deal. So how do you save … Continue reading

How to Save on Halloween – Get Ready for Big Savings

Halloween CouponsHalloween is just around the corner, so why not scare up some savings for this ghoulish day? Don’t be afraid, we at CouponSurfer have you covered. Whether it’s candy, costumes or home decor, we have the coupon and deals that won’t frighten your wallet. Continue reading

Here’s How to Save Big Money on Summer Concert Tickets

Concert TickersOne of the best parts about the summer are all the great live shows that tour the nation. From Rock ‘n Roll to Pop to Blues, there is something for everyone. Every year though, its seems like its harder and harder to get tickets to the best shows at a reasonable price. We at CouponSurfer love a good show and we love saving money, so here are our best tips for saving on concert tickets.
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