Charlie’s Favorite Deals – 9/24/13

Who is Charlie

CouponSurfers, last weekend I went to Grant’s Tomb. Unfortunately as much as I tried, I couldn’t get my daughter to ask the ranger “Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb?”


It used to be school supplies meant pencils and notebooks. Now the teachers want hand sanitizers, tissues, paper towels and bacterial wipes. I know they start back to school shopping in June now but even if you went then and bought everything you thought of, you are still going to get requests from the teachers the first week of school and you will have to run to stores and deal with lines that week. The other day I thought we were done. Then my daughter called me from school and said she needed a box of tissues that day to get extra credit. So we had to run and get tissues and drop them off at the school.

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Once my band played CBGBs and I knew my friend Brendan would be standing on the side of the stage like he did at every show, including Giraldo Rivera. So I planned a joke which wound up with me spraying Edge shaving cream in his face. After he cleaned off the shaving cream he grabbed the mike and told the crowd he would give anyone who ripped off my shorts by the end of the next song a free copy of his band’s record. Well, the bouncers were throwing kids off the stage left and right and I wound up having to climb up in the rafters over the stage to get away.

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I live in New York City and we have the best pizza. My father used to say he couldn’t understand why anyone would buy frozen pizza. Then once we ate pizza out of town and he said now he understood.

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Now It’s Time For A Typical CouponSurfer User to Ask Our Crack Team of Technical Experts a Question

Typical User:

Dear CouponSurfer,

Charlie, I do a lot of grilling. You tell a lot of BBQ stories. Do you have any coupons for grilling meat?

Crack Team of Technical Experts:

Dear User,

Yes. We have Ball Park coupons for $1.50 off Hamburgers and $1 off Hot Dogs. Maybe I should write a song called Don’t pay full price at my BBQ.

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Great Coupon Prophet

Let us have coupons.

Charlie Vavruska (Who is Charlie?)

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