Here’s How to Save Big Money on Summer Concert Tickets

Concert TickersOne of the best parts about the summer are all the great live shows that tour the nation. From Rock ‘n Roll to Pop to Blues, there is something for everyone. Every year though, its seems like its harder and harder to get tickets to the best shows at a reasonable price. We at CouponSurfer love a good show and we love saving money, so here are our best tips for saving on concert tickets.

Plan in advance.  This may seem obvious, but if you have a favorite band or artist that tours regularly, it helps to be signed up to their personal websites so you can be alerted to when tickets are available. Set a reminder on your computer or phone so you can purchase tickets as soon a they go on sale. A lot of bands also have internet pre-sales for members of their email list. This way you can get tickets at face value and avoid paying the extra premiums tacked on my scalpers and third party ticket vendors. If you know you will be away from your computer when the tickets go sale, use your internet enabled smart phone to buy the tickets instead.  If you aren’t able to get tickets this way, you have a few alternatives.

Don’t just go to a single ticket marketplace. Sometimes you can save as much as 40% off face value by shopping around the secondary ticket market. Don’t waste your time by browsing them all separately, use an aggregator such as or TicketStumbler to view multiple Ticket Sellers at once to compare prices. If lots of seats are available it may be prudent to wait a few days/weeks to see if the prices drop. Likewise, if it is a smaller venue with less availability it may be in your best interests to buy ASAP.

Try Craigslist or Facebook. If you wait until the last minute, Craiglist might be a good way to get tickets from somebody who had something come up and can’t make a show. Similarly, you can post on Facebook asking if any of your friends or their friends have any extra tickets. You might be surprised and get a great deal.

Do you have any great tips or questions about saving money on concert tickets? Let us know.


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