Deep Dive Series: How To Get The Coupons You Really Want

No Coupon? No Problem With Coupon Finder!

This is the 4th and final post in our deep dive series taking a closer look into the coupon tools and resources available on CouponSurfer. In last three posts, I walked through the process from start to finish on how to browse, select and print your coupons. But what if you cannot find the coupon you are looking for?

Today’s post will explore our Coupon Finder tool and the best practices you can put in place to ensure you get the coupons you want in order to maximize your savings at the grocery store.

What is Coupon Finder?

CouponFinder IconCoupon Finder is a tool we created so you can let us know exactly what brand or product you want a coupon for. When you use Coupon Finder, your coupon request is sent directly to me, enabling me to follow up with you via email as soon as the coupon you want becomes available (so be sure to use a valid email address!).

Before You Use Coupon Finder

The Coupon Finder tool is a great way for you to let me know what coupon or coupons you really want. However, I will sometimes receive coupon requests for a brand or product in which a coupon is already available on CouponSurfer. This is OK when it happens, except on multiple occasions I have seen the coupon run out of prints in the short amount of time between when I receive the request and can respond back with the link to the coupon, causing you to miss out on those savings. But you are in luck! There are a couple different ways for you to double check if a coupon is available prior to submitting your request through our Coupon Finder tool.

Super Search Box

You can use the search box, located on the top of the page, to search for the specific brand you want a coupon for. When you start typing, suggestions based on brands with available coupons will auto-populate. If after you type the brand name you see, ‘No match for Brands/Stores’, we don’t currently have a coupon available for that brand.  You can choose to find related coupons to that brand, Barilla in my example below, or you can submit a request for the specific brand through our Coupon Finder tool.

Search Box: No Match For Brands

Browse Grocery Coupons By Brand Name

The other place you can look before you submit a coupon wish, is our All Grocery Brands page. To get to this page, simply select the View All Grocery Brands link on the Printable Grocery drop down menu on the top of any page:

Browse Grocery Coupons by Brand Name
This page lists all of the brands that we currently have a coupon available for, alphabetically. Depending on the coupon you are looking for, simply select the letter the brand starts with and the page will automatically scroll to the start of that letter further down on the page where you can look for the brand. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + F to search the page for the brand name. If you are unable to find the brand you are looking for on this page, then we don’t currently have a coupon available for that brand and you should submit a request for it through our Coupon Finder tool.

Using the Coupon Finder (Make a Coupon Wish)

Did you know that CouponSurfer has the largest selection of printable grocery coupons around? It’s True! We work with multiple coupon providers in order to uphold this large selection and super duper savings for our users. But even with such a large selection, sometimes we just don’t have the coupon you want. The solution? The Coupon Finder tool.

Coupon Finder tool

If after browsing the site you are unable to find a coupon you are looking for, this is where you should go. Just enter your email address (if you are logged in to your CouponSurfer member account, this will auto-populate with your email address on file) and the Brand or Product name for the coupon your want and hit the “Find me my Coupon” button. As soon as the coupon is available, someone from my team will email you with a link to view and retrieve your coupon. Easy, peasy.

Sample Email Response to Coupon Wish

Have you ever been disappointed by not being able to find a coupon? Will you be fastening this tool into your coupon tool-belt? Let me know! Please respond by leaving me a reply in the comment section below and be sure to help your friends and family find the coupons they need by using the sharing buttons below to share this post.

Happy Couponing!


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