Deep Dive Series: How To Print Coupons Without A Hassle

Print Your Coupons To Get Savings, Not Headaches

This is part 3 in our deep dive series taking a closer look into the coupon tools and resources available on CouponSurfer. We have already covered the two primary ways to effectively browse and quickly select coupons, but have not yet taken a good look at the actual process of printing of your coupons. Today we are going to explore your print list and how to easily print your coupons to avoid a printing headache.

What is Your Print List?

Your print list is exactly what it says; the list of coupons you have selected by either browsing CouponSurfer or using our Extreme CouponSurfer tool. If you are looking for a comparison of some kind, I would say that your print list is like the shopping cart for your favorite online store, but for coupons and with the perk that you don’t need to pay for them!

Your Pre-Print Warm Up

After you make your way through CouponSurfer and are satisfied with your selection of coupons, next step is printing them. To access your print list, you click on the View Print Listbutton that appears on any individual coupon page, any category page or directly from the Extreme CouponSurfer tool. If you don’t see the “View Print List” button, you can always select View My Print List link on the Coupon Tools drop down menu on the top of any page.

Options To View Your Print List

Depending on the coupons you select during your time on CouponSurfer, you could see 1, 2 or even 3 different coupon lists when you view your print list, this is normal. The reasoning behind this is to ensure that your coupons print successfully & efficiently.

View of Full Print List

The beauty of having a print list is the ability to review your coupons prior to actually printing them. If you find you added a coupon by accident, you can remove it from your list by selecting the [Remove] link at the end of each coupon in your print list. Or perhaps you just want to start fresh, you can select the Remove All link on the bottom of your print list. Personally, I’ve never met a coupon I didn’t like!

Remove A Coupon or All Coupons from Print List

1, 2, 3, GO!

After reviewing your print list, you are now ready to print your coupons! To get things going, just click on the linked text that says Print # Coupons. The selected coupons will open in a new tab on your browser, so you can easily navigate back to your print list to continue printing the other coupon lists. Simply repeat this process until all of your coupons have successfully printed.


The Exceptions to the Rule

On occasion you may find that you have more coupons reflected in your print queue than you had selected on your print list. This stems back to a topic I addressed in one of my first blog posts about pre-clipped coupons and is something that can be addressed using the same process that was laid out in that post. When you notice this discrepancy follow these steps to clear the selection:

  1. Select the “Clip All” button in the bottom right hand corner of the page
  2. When the box that says, “You’re Ready to Print” appears, select Print Later
  3. When that box disappears, simply un-select the “Clip All” button you had previously selected and the number of coupons ready to print will drop down to zero
  4. Once all of the coupons have been cleared, close that tab in your browser and go back to your print list; you will see that the coupons you selected to print are still there

Now when you select that same coupon list again, it will still open in a new tab in your browser, but you will notice that the print queue count reflects the correct number of selected coupons this time.

Additionally, there are a small number of coupons on CouponSurfer that you may come across that will not have an add to print list button. These coupons have not yet met the CouponSurfer standards of easily printing multiple coupons and have therefore not yet qualified to be a part of our print list. We are actively working with these brands and partners towards meeting our standards. In the interim you can print these coupons individually without losing your print list. When you click to the Get Coupon Now” button, you will be taken directly to print that single coupon and your print list will remain until you close your browser.

The Cool Down

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you may occasionally run into some printing problems. If this happens to you, first check out our Printing Problems Troubleshooting page that addresses a lot of the most common coupon printing problems and how to fix them fast. Or if your printing problem still persists just fill out this form and I will respond with an answer as soon as possible.

With all of that said, you should be well on your way to printing coupons without a hassle headache! Tell me, what is the biggest coupon printing challenge you have had in the past? Please respond by leaving me a reply in the comment section below.

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Happy Couponing!



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