Print Grocery Coupons with NO Software Download, Here’s How!

New Tech, No Download, Nuff Said.

SmartSource, one of our valued coupon partners, recently rolled out a new coupon printing technology that makes printing grocery coupons easier than ever.  The newly patented solution enables users to print the grocery coupons they love without the need to download any additional coupon printing software. The new technology makes for a better printing experience for users while maintaining coupon integrity and security for the brands – A BIG win for BOTH coupon users and brands.

So What Does This Change Mean For Me?

I am glad you asked! Since the new technology does NOT require the download of software to properly print coupons, you can now print from the local library, work or any other place where you may have run into administrator permission restrictions in the past (in the past these restrictions may have prevented you from being able to download the required software, leaving you unable to print).

No Software Required? What’s The Catch?

I promise! No additional coupon printing software is required to print SmartSource coupons. However, the one requirement to ensure your coupons print properly is Adobe Reader, which is a pretty standard application on most computers. Be that as it may, don’t fret if you fall into the small percent of users that don’t have Adobe Reader installed because it is available for FREE here.

Whether you already had Adobe Reader on your computer or you just downloaded if for free, double-check the following two settings to ensure your coupons print properly:

1. Security Settings

Make sure “Automatically trust documents with valid certification” is selected in the Security (Enhanced) section of the Adobe Reader Preferences. You can check this using the following path:

  • Edit > Preferences > Security (Enhanced) >  “Automatically trust documents with valid certification” Check Box

Adobe Reader Preferences

2. Acrobat JavaScript

Similar to checking the security settings you want to make sure that Acrobat JavaScript is also enabled. You can check this using the following path:

  • Edit > Preferences > JavaScript >  “Enable Acrobat JavaScript” Check Box

Adobe JavaScript Preferences

With That Set Up, Where Can I Find The Coupons?

We have created a page where you can access all of the SmartSource coupons TODAY. Simply click on the link below:

Print SmartSource Coupons With No Additional Software Download

New Tech User Q&A

Q: Will I run into problems printing coupons if I use an Adblocker program?
A: After performing some thorough tests we are confident that you will NOT run into problems printing coupons if you have an active Adblocker program on your computer.

As new technologies become available, it is only a matter of time before the other big players in printable grocery coupons jump on the no-software-download bandwagon. So, be sure to stick with CouponSurfer and the CouponSurfer Blog and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with the latest coupon news.

Already used the new printing technology? How was the experience? Leave me a reply in the comment section below to let me know! Oh! Be sure to share this post with your friends, family and co-workers, so they too can learn about the new technology and start printing coupons where they may not have been able to before.

Happy Couponing!

Source: News America Marketing

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