Deep Dive Series: How To Most Effectively Find The Coupons You Want

Relaxed CouponSurfer: Savings You Need At YOUR Pace

This is the second post in our deep dive series taking a closer look into the coupon tools and resources available on CouponSurfer. Last week I discussed our Extreme CouponSurfer tool which enables you to quickly select all your grocery coupons from a single page and easily print them.

Extreme CouponSurfer is quick to use and saves you a ton of time (and money!) when you know exactly what coupons you are looking for. But what if you want to take your time to peruse CouponSurfer at your leisure in order to get more details on the coupons or even find new products to try? Then I absolutely recommend our Relaxed CouponSurfer tool; Find out why by reading on…

What is Relaxed CouponSurfer?

Relaxed CouponSurfer

One of the Great things about CouponSurfer is we have over 400 printable grocery coupons – one of the not so great things is we have over 400 printable grocery coupons; Relaxed CouponSurfer is a simplified way to browse through CouponSurfer by taking advantage of the coupon categories menu or our coupon search tool.

The individual category pages on CouponSurfer recently received a major face lift, converting the pages to a more visual than textual experience to which we found an overwhelmingly positive response. Change however, can often create a small amount of confusion for those used to the old ways. By the end of this post you will know the in’s & out’s of Relaxed CouponSurfer and be looking forward to your next shopping trip…and all the shopping trips that follow.

The Starting Line – Coupon Categories

So we have already determined that you are want to browse around for coupons, but the question remains, “Where do I start?”. Whether you already have your shopping list made or just an idea of the products you will need for your next shopping trip, you can use that information to determine the categories of coupons that you will be looking; this is your starting point.

On CouponSurfer, we have 21 individual printable grocery categories to choose from (22 if you include All Grocery). You can view these categories by either hovering over or clicking on the Printable Grocery ▼ menu item that is on the top of any page on CouponSurfer.

Printable Grocery Categories Drop Down Menu

Once you have determined your starting point, you are well on your way to savings! Browse the selection of coupons in your chosen category and when you find a coupon that interests you, either click on the product image or offer text to view additional details on the coupon.

Category Page to Coupon Details

In this case I choose the Rice & Pasta grocery category & found the Barilla Pasta Coupon. I wasn’t aware they had come out with new special pasta shapes, but I am excited to try it AND Save $1!

From the individual coupon page, there are two different options at your disposal in terms of how to proceed:

  • Option 1: Get Only This Coupon – Select the Get Coupon Now button which will take you directly to the page where you can print your coupon.
  • Option 2: Get This Coupon & Keep Browsing – Select the Add To Print List button which adds the coupon to your print list, so you can continue browsing for coupons.

Assuming you add the coupon to your print list, there are a couple of ways to continue browsing for coupons –

  • Browse By Category – Select a category, such as Frozen Food, from the Printable Grocery ▼ menu (you can also use the back button on your browser to get back to the same category – Rice & Pasta coupon in my example above)
  • Coupon Search – Use the search box, located on the top of the page, to search for a specific brand you want a coupon for. When you start typing, suggestions based on brands with available coupons will auto-populate for you to select

Continue to browse options

The Final Stretch

Once you have made your way through all of your desired categories to browse for coupons and are satisfied with your selection, click the View Print Listbutton on any category or coupon page to review your selection and remove any unwanted selections prior to printing.

View of Print List

Has this post shed some light on the questions you had regarding the recent changes we made to our website layout? Do you feel more comfortable browsing for coupons on CouponSurfer? I would love to hear from you. Leave me a reply in the comment section below on how this post has helped you. Better yet, share this post with your friends using the social sharing buttons below; sharing is caring!

Happy Couponing,

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