Five Secrets to Saving at Yard Sales

Yard SaleSpring is almost here and that means that yard sale season is upon us! Yard sales are a great way to save tons of money on pretty much anything, if you can find the right deal. Fortunately for you, we here at CouponSurfer are willing to share our elite bargain hunter secrets to aid you in your yardsaling crusade. Here are our top five secrets for yard sale savings.

1. Always be on the lookout

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open to find out where the yard sales are being held. Lots of people advertise their sale in the classifieds of the local newspaper but most people will just put up signs, post a flyer in a grocery store, etc.

2. Start early!

The best deals almost always go fast. Drive around early in the morning to see if people are setting up. If you see anybody, kindly ask them when the sale starts, and what kind of merchandise they are selling. Then decide if it’s worth coming back when they open. If you stop by a yard sale towards the end of the day, the majority of the good deals will be picked through, however arriving late at a yard sale is good too, because the seller may be willing to give better deals later in the day.

3. Don’t be afraid to haggle

The worst thing the seller can say is “no”. Also, make sure you bring lots of small bills with you. It looks bad if you haggle a $5 item down to $2 and then whip out a $20 bill to pay for it. Small bills can come in handy in other ways too. One time we saw a TV for sale for $25 and we told the woman selling it that we only had $13 left in our wallet. She was reluctant but she actually agreed to it and we got a steal! Finally, if you plan on haggling, make sure you don’t drive your brand new Mercedes SUV to the sale (at least park it around the block)!

4. Bring along some business cards

If you find something at a sale that is priced too high for you and the seller won’t haggle, give them one of your cards. That way they can call you if they change their mind at the end of the sale. Plus, if you are lucky, they might end up buying something from you!

5. Yard Sale at home

Rainy weather killing your yard sale mojo? Try eBay. You can find thousands of great bargains 24 hours a day, rain or shine. Sign up now for FREE and starting bidding right away.

Got any great yard sale tips of your own? Post them here and share them with us!

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