How to Save Money on Halloween Candy

Halloween CadyRather than regurgitate the usual savings advice (i.e. find items on sale and use coupons, blah, blah blah), we thought we would show you another way.

Saving Money on Halloween Candy Can Be Challenging. To start, the size of the bags of Candy are all over the map. The stores seem to take delight in selling so many different sizes of the same items at different prices that it makes it hard to compare. You’ll also find that almost all of the Halloween Candy is “on sale” but a lot of it not a good deal. So how do you save …

To save money on food items, you usually find the cheapest price per unit of weight. For Halloween Candy, things are a little different since you are giving the Candy away. Where you usually price products out by weight (i.e. $4.50 per pound), with Halloween Candy you want to price out per the number of individually wrapped candies per bag. For example if a Bag of Candy costs $2.50 and has 25 fun size Candy bars, then the price per Candy bar would be 10 cents. Next, add in any coupons you have and recalculate the final price of the item and then the price per Candy Items. For example if the Candy is $2.50 per bag and you have a $1.50 off 3 coupons, then the total cost is $6 for 75 candy bars and the final price is 8 cents per Candy bar.

Candy will usually stay fresh for at least a few months, so try to time your purchases to take advantage of big sales. We have found that Candy sales usually end the Saturday before Halloween. If you like to eat Halloween Candy, then you can usually get some really good deals the next day. Many times 50 to even 75% off. Please note that the sales are usually only on the Halloween packaged candy (i.e. Halloween M&M’s may be on sale but not the regular M&M’s).

How about paying nothing for Halloween Candy? If you have kids, here’s a little trick. We call it Candy Sharing. Recently some towns and cities started celebrating Halloween on the weekend before Halloween instead of October 31st. In fact, many times it’s during the day (although it seems like trick or treating during the day kind of defeats the purpose of Halloween). All you need to do is find a nearby town that is doing this and then send your kids out to trick or treat. Your kids get to some extra trick or treating, you get a “Candy Commission” for taking them that you can then use to give out on the actual date of Halloween.

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