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Here’s How to Save Big Money on Summer Concert Tickets

Concert TickersOne of the best parts about the summer are all the great live shows that tour the nation. From Rock ‘n Roll to Pop to Blues, there is something for everyone. Every year though, its seems like its harder and harder to get tickets to the best shows at a reasonable price. We at CouponSurfer love a good show and we love saving money, so here are our best tips for saving on concert tickets.
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How to Save Money at the Movies

MoviesThe average price of a movie ticket in most cities is over $10. Add in some popcorn/candy and a drink and you’re talking $20 per person to check out the latest flick. Yes you could stay home and rent a movie but there’s something to be said about the watching a movie with a big screen. Here are our top seven tips for saving money.
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