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Top 3 Free Ways to Save Money Eating Out, Without Coupons

Save Money On Food, Without Coupons? Tell Me More!

The percentage of money spent on eating out has been growing strongly for the past 20 years. In fact, for the first time Americans are now spending more money eating out than buying food at the supermarket. The average family spends close to 5% of its budget on dining out. While CouponSurfer strongly encourages the use of restaurant coupons to save money, we feel it’s useful to show you other ways to save. And don’t worry, we are not getting soft, for each of these ways you can also combine with coupons to save even more (that’s what we do!).

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Orange Blossom Honey Granola – Recipe Roundup

Simple to Make. Easier to Eat!

Last month, I was given a small honey-bear filled with Orange Blossom Honey from North Carolina as a gift from a co-worker who was travelling on vacation. I instantly knew upon receiving it that I wanted to bake with it, but didn’t know what… until now!

Granola is one of those things I have always wanted to try to make, simply because of the ability to get creative with the recipe. Think about it. How many different varieties and flavor combinations do you find available at your supermarket? The answer is a BUNCH! Continue reading

Deep Dive Series: How To Print Coupons Without A Hassle

Print Your Coupons To Get Savings, Not Headaches

This is part 3 in our deep dive series taking a closer look into the coupon tools and resources available on CouponSurfer. We have already covered the two primary ways to effectively browse and quickly select coupons, but have not yet taken a good look at the actual process of printing of your coupons. Today we are going to explore your print list and how to easily print your coupons to avoid a printing headache.

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Deep Dive Series: How To Most Effectively Find The Coupons You Want

Relaxed CouponSurfer: Savings You Need At YOUR Pace

This is the second post in our deep dive series taking a closer look into the coupon tools and resources available on CouponSurfer. Last week I discussed our Extreme CouponSurfer tool which enables you to quickly select all your grocery coupons from a single page and easily print them.

Extreme CouponSurfer is quick to use and saves you a ton of time (and money!) when you know exactly what coupons you are looking for. But what if you want to take your time to peruse CouponSurfer at your leisure in order to get more details on the coupons or even find new products to try? Then I absolutely recommend our Relaxed CouponSurfer tool; Find out why by reading on…

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