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Q&A: How to Unclip those Pesky Pre-Clipped Coupons

Today’s post comes to you straight from our CouponSurfer support box to address a common problem faced by many of our users…

CouponSurfer Hannah’s Question

Q&A Dear CouponSurfer support,

Sometimes when I open up the CouponSurfer site, it shows that some coupons are already pre-clipped. How do I know which ones you’ve clipped already? I just want to choose my own coupons, how can I fix this? This is VERY frustrating!!!



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Chrome Coupon Printing Issues: RESOLVED!

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User Frustrated with Coupon Printing

Image by Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There has been a lot buzz going around lately about problems and frustrations while trying to print coupons using Chrome. My hope with today’s post is to identify the main problem and provide you with some solutions for it, so you can get back to easily printing your coupons using Chrome.

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