How To Take Advantage of Competitor Coupons

competitor couponsOne of the best kept coupon secrets is using competitor coupons. Many stores allow the use of competitor coupons, and some will also match their competitor’s advertised prices. Here are a few examples and guidelines.

For example let’s say you see that Q-tips are on sale at CVS and Walgreens has a coupon for Kleenex tissues. Rather than have to spend time to visit both stores, in most cases you can cut out the Walgreens coupon and use it at CVS.

The acceptance of competitive coupons tend to vary by local store. They are more likely to take competitor coupons where there are a lot of similar stores. Also in most cases, they are limited to “direct competitors”. So a CVS will probably take a Walgreens coupon but not a Kroger’s coupon. A Kroger will probably take a Ralph’s coupon but not a Walgreens coupon. Your best bet is to check with each individual store or retailer and find out their competitor coupon policy beforehand.

Most supermarkets take competitor coupons. This will also typically include dollar off coupons (i.e. save $5 on your order of $25 or more). Some stores will also price match.

Not a lot of people use competitor coupons, so in some cases the cashier may not be familiar with the policy. I have found that asking for a manager usually gets it cleared up. After a few visits I find the cashiers then get familiar with the policy.

Besides groceries, a lot of other stores will also honor competitor coupons. For example one of our local dry cleaners accepts them. Most Domino’s Pizza locations accept all competitor coupons. A lot of other chains like Midas, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Home Depot and Wal-Mart will usually accept competitors coupons and/or match advertised prices. In additional many local businesses such as plumbers, health clubs, home improvement, restaurants and more will honor them.

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