The Best of: Coffee Makers

best of coffee makersA great cup of coffee can launch your day off on the right foot. The following are our top picks for coffee makers that ensure each day brims with a perfect mug.

What makes a great coffee maker?

All of the coffee makers that we chose to feature are best categorized as drip coffeemakers, which distribute heated water over beans in order to fully extract their flavor. In our opinion, drip coffeemakers are only bested by French presses, simple machines frequently used to immediately make coffee in Europe.
However, drip coffeemakers offer a convenience and ease of use that comes only with their heightened technology. Our criteria included the presence of vital basic features like a high cup capacity and strength setting (to control the taste). Convenience amenities were also a plus, such as automatic shutoff and a brew pause button.
Drink coffee like water? Lap up the caffeine with this prolific model ($60-$100), which has garnered waves of praise from Amazon. It brews ten cups of coffee in three minutes flat. Several technological features ensure that each of those cups is truly delicious: the “sprayhead” design extracts full flavor from every bean, and its internal thermostat maintains optimal brew temperature.
Hands-down the most beautiful coffee maker featured here ($65-$100), the Zutto (Japanese for “always”) was created from a fruitful partnership between Zojirushi and an interior designer. Living up to its namesake, the Zutto brews exceptional coffee quickly at any moment. It is also as easy to clean as it is pretty, thanks to a removable reservoir and specially shaped grounds container.
**FIRST PLACE, Best-Cup-A-Joe Coffee Maker**: CuisinartDCC-1200
1,400 five-star reviews on Amazon made it impossible for us not to place this model in our #1 spot. Cuisinart’s coffee-making masterpiece here excels in every area of perfect java production.
It all begins with its charcoal water filter, eliminating virtually any chemical property that can hamper taste. The DCC-1200 also sports a showerhead that evenly sprinkles that water over the grounds to lessen temperature loss. When your cup of coffee is ready, the machine will warmly beep five times.
To maintain its longevity, this unit also features a “cleaning light,” letting you know when a thorough washing out is in order. That’s just one of an array of helpful aspects that define this as among the best models that money can buy, from $75 to $180.

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